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Atlantic Canada's Original Post-Season Race and Racing's Year-End Celebration
COT 11 - 14 2024

Schedule Details and Payouts coming soon

Race Day Procedure


Drivers may practice before Teching as long as they have raced in the same car at any Atlantic Canadian race track prior to this event.


Sportsman and Pro Stocks must bring their race day tires to Tech for inspection along with the car.


Street Stock, Sportsman and Pro Stock tires will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the Tech inspectors. Tires will be marked for race day use and must be the only tires used once heat racing begins.


Drivers/Teams will draw for position in the Drivers Meeting.


All racing qualifying will be by heat race in all divisions.


All qualifying heat positions must proceed to Tech directly from qualifying.


A coin toss may be used to invert the field for the feature race in any division. The Poll Sitter will call the toss (ie Heads or Tails) and the field will be inverted or not based on outcome. Inversion may apply to up to the top half of the feature positions.


A Poll Challenge may also be offered at the option of the Tower. It will be optional to accept or decline.


For the full CFS Procedural rules see the appropriate page in this section.


Purses will be updated based on new schedule of October 14th and 15th. 

Division Rules





Bandolero Bomber / WoW etc: All race per your Sanction / track rules for your class.

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