Street Stocks / Trucks / Dukes

All Atl Canadian based Street Stocks / Trucks / Dukes are eligible to compete under their Track / Series rules with the following adjustments:




All Stock Cars and 350 ci Trucks may run either:


Min weight of 3400 with 53% max left side and 45% max rear




Min weight of 3500 with 56% max left side and 48% max rear


All 305 and similar Trucks and Dukes may run:


Min weight of 3250 with 56% max left side and 48% max rear.  All Specs must meet Tech Directors approval. 


Rear End


Max 575 Final Drive.


May be locked




Hoosier 890 or any used passenger car tire up to a P225 60 R 16 with no more than 6/32 tread depth and a tread wear rating of not less than 340.

​Minimum tire softness on the CFS Durometer >= 52


A limited number of new tires are available.  If you wish to have any new tires please contact Tim at 506 866-6387.


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