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Street Stocks / Trucks

All Atl Canadian based Street Stocks / Trucks are eligible to compete under their Track / Series rules.  Any car that is out of spec for their track rules my be subject to penalties at the discretion of the Tech.


The following applies to all competitors:


 with the following adjustments:




Street stocks must run the Hoosier 890 or Comanche treaded tire. 

Each car may run a maximum of 2 New tires maximum = 6/32 tread depth.   Remaining tire must be not more than 5/32 tread depth.

​Minimum tire softness on the CFS Durometer (at any time) must be >= 52


If you wish to have new tires please contact CFS prior to Sept 28th via FB @ Shediaccentreforspeed or email at  

Deposit of $100 must be sent via etransfer to by Sept 28th.   Please make your answer:  Deposit

Registration fee (includes driver entry for the weekend) of $35 must be received by Oct 1.


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