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All MASS / SSW / S660 / PIR / EIS and LDS Sportsman are eligible to compete under your current Track / Series rules. The following adjustments apply:




Base weight for all cars is 3050 lbs, however:


- Any car running a Holley 4412 500 CFM Carb may deduct 50 lbs


- Any car may be required by Tech to re-fill their fuel cell and be re-weighed after any race


- All weights and %'s are full of fuel, driver in position


Tech staff has the right to make adjustments or further define the weight rule at any time in the interest of fair competition.  Weight penalties may apply to non spec cars at the Tech's discretion.


Rear End


Max 550 Gear allowed.




Teams registered by Oct 1 may buy 2 new outside Hoosier tires from CFS at a cost of $200 each.  A $100

deposit is required on all new tire orders.  

Sportsman Championships Tire will be Comanche / 890.


Tires must be no less than 52 on the CFS Durometer.

NOTE:   If at any time during the event your tire(s) durometer at less than these minimum values you will be required to replace that tire or tires in order to complete the event.   Decision of the Tech is final.


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