All NAPA / SSW / S660 / PIR / EIS and LDS Sportsman are eligible to compete under your current Track / Series rules. The following adjustments apply:




Base weight for all cars is 3000 lbs, however:


- Any car running a Holley 4412 500 CFM Carb may deduct 50 lbs


- Any car running a stock charging, system (OEM) or a stock cooling system (OEM) may deduct 50 lbs for any one of these items.  Total deduction is 50 lbs.


- Any car may be required by Tech to re-fill their fuel cell and be re-weighed after any race


Maximum rear weight is 45%


Maximum Left side weight is 55% however:


- Any cars running a stock charging system (Stock driven Alternator in the stock location, a stock manifold system and a stock cooling system may run a maximum 56% left side weight.


- All weights and %'s are full of fuel, driver in position


Tech staff has the right to make adjustments or further define the weight rule at any time in the interest of fair competition.


Rear End


Max 550 Gear allowed.




A limited number of new tires are available to teams who have registered.  Call Tim at 506 866-6387 for more info.


Steel 10” wheels (bead set to bead set) only.


Minimum allowed Durometer reading for Sportsman Tires is >= 52


If you wish to have new tires please contact CFS prior to Sept 21st.


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