Pro Stock

All Atlantic Canadian ruled cars may compete with the following adjustments:




Base weight 2750


Max Left side % 58


Weight and %'s are full of fuel, driver in position




Any car may run F'ton shock rule


Cars running MPST shocks may deduct 50 lbs


Speedway reserves the right to swap/inspect ignitions prior to and after the event


Rear End


Max 588 Gear allowed.


No Lockers.  Spools only (or Locker may be plugged).  




Up to a maximum of 4 New and 4 Used (spare) tires may be registered to your car for the race day. Cars MUST use only your new tires once practice is complete and for the remainder of the race day unless you have a verified flat tire. All used tires must be taken to the tech shed with your car at the beginning of the day. Used tires must be off your car and broken down for your first tech inspection. Tires must have all numbers readable. Eligible race tires will be approved, recorded to the car and marked as race day tires at that time.


Upon registration and payment of the $100 Registration fee 4 New Tires will be provided to each car. The remaining cost of the tires will be deducted from your purse. Cars that receive new tires and fail to race must pay the balance of the cost of the tires to the speedway.


Teams may provide 4 Used tires to be used as spares in the evnet of a verified tire failure. A Used Tire = No more than 5/32's of tread depth and has no softener / softening. A Used tire is one that has been run at least 100 laps. Tech may reject ANY tire that they feel has not been run for a minimum of 100 laps or does not meet the definition of a used tire.


No tire softener is allowed


Tires may not be transferred among teams.  Tires may be transferred from a controlled inventory with advance notice.  A charge of $300 will be deducted from your purse for transfer of tires and transportation for any track.

Teams may practice with unregistered (non-race) tires.

New Tires must be CFS Supplied HOOSIER 1070/1080. You must register and pay your tire deposit by Sept 21st to ensure you will have Race tires for the event.

Race frequency TBA. Teams must monitor the Race Directors Frequency at all times.

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All PS cars MUST register and transfer a $100 tire deposit to gm@centreforspeed.com by Sept 28 at 11 AM. Please include your name and car number in the message section with the answer "Tires".