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Every driver must inspect the racing surface and race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his or her opinion, is unsafe. It is that person's responsibility to report any such condition to the management of CFS. Any driver entering any racing events is considered to have inspected the track and to have determined that all conditions are satisfactory to him or her. IF NOT, HE OR SHE SHOULD NOT RACE. This further indicates that said person is aware that auto racing involves risks and that the participant assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge. The CENTRE for Speed assumes no responsibility for loss to you, your equipment, vehicle, or any parts by any means whatsoever.


Minors: Anyone 14 to 16 years of age who wishes to enter the PIT area must complete the necessary releases and have them signed by their parents or legal guardian. Release forms are available at the speedway and must be completed by the legal parent or guardian before the said minor will be allowed into the pit area. No one under 14 is allowed in the pit area.


This facility is considered the safest in Atlantic Canada for both fans and participants and it is the goal of the staff and management to continue to provide motorsports competition under such conditions. If in the opinion and judgment of the management of CFS, any individual or individuals - or any form or procedure of competition - presents harm or danger to anyone, the management may suspend, restrict, fine, ban, adjust, or modify any form of competition - or any individual driver, owner, team, or any person - in the interest and consideration of providing safe racing conditions for the majority of competitors, spectators, and staff.



We have developed a set of basic principles that will guide our operations at all times. The management and staff will conduct themselves in keeping with these basic principles for the benefit of the sport, fans, participants, sponsors, and the facility. In return, we ask you and your team to show the same courtesy of following these principles in conducting yourselves at events.


These principles are:

1) Respect for the Individual

2) The pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our operation

3) Providing the Best Value in Entertainment and in Sponsorships

4) Exhibiting Fairness and Consistency in the enforcement of our rules and in our overall operations.


NOTE:  Any car which wrecks in practice but is not able to repair the car for the heat or dash (if eligible for the dash) will receive minimum points for those two events on the day.  Any driver who "takes the green flag" on the feature will receive minimum points for the feature race.


1) The engine must be ordered thru the CENTRE to be eligible to compete
2) Engines may not be transferred from another dealer location and must come directly from GM Distribution
3) When maintenance is required on any crate engine you MUST contact the CENTRE at +1 (506) 388-2415 before making any repairs or your engine will be banned from racing. There is a specific procedure that you must follow.

If you feel that there is a rule that needs to be implemented or changed here is the procedure to follow in order to have your rule presented and evaluated at the next annual drivers meeting.

Describe the rule you would like to have changed or implemented including What is to be changed, on which class(es) of car, when it should take place, etc.  Outline any direct and indirect costs and savings resulting from the rule.  Submit the rule change in writing either by email to or post to the speedway no later than September 15th for consideration that year (later submissions will be post-dated to the following season).

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