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1) For the sake of brevity and clarity in preparing this rule book, the masculine words "he", "him", "his", etc. also apply to the feminine including drivers, team members, participants, and/or spectators.

2) Each driver must be approved for competition within any division by the Speedway. Decisions are based upon a driver's previous experience, as well as his past and projected performance and ability. All decisions are made in the best interest of fairness of competition, safety, limitation of expense, damage and repairs, and in the overall best interest of the sport.

3) Drivers may be denied competition within a division at any time prior to a season's start, or at any time during a season if, in the opinion of the management, that driver presents a potential threat to other competitors, the speedway, sport or himself

4) Any driver that has not competed in the previous season is advised to contact the Speedway before he begins to construct, purchase, or invest in a particular race car.

5) The management reserves the right to reject any entry for failure to comply with the General Rules and Specifications, and the individual or individuals violating the General Rules and/or Specifications shall be penalized as set forth in this Rule Book or as decided by the Management. All cars must be registered with CENTRE. Any change in ownership, number, or driver must be reported immediately to the Pit Steward. 

6) After any suspension, fine, rejection, penalty, or restriction from participation has been issued to a driver, owner, team member, or any person, the management reserves the right to review the individuals' circumstances on a case-by-case basis. After a review the management may make a decision at that time as to whether or not the person or persons involved have the privilege to resume racing at the CENTRE in accordance with the presiding season's general rules, specifications, guidelines, and safety objectives, and opinions of the management.  Any owner and/or driver whose car does not compete in at least 70% of all race meets during the season may be subject to forfeiting the assigned number for that car.

7) A "race meet" shall, for the purpose of rule enforcement, be considered to be the period between the opening of the pit gate and the finish of the last race of the event.


8) Once entering the pits, car numbers cannot be changed unless approved or required by the Speedway. All cars entering the pit area must have a number.


9) When entering the pit area, each person will pay for their pit pass. Any vehicle which enters the pit and / or track area does so at the owners' risk. The management will not be responsible for any damage to any vehicle. Any vehicle not towing a stock car or other competing vehicle will not be allowed in the pit area. This includes vehicles which have left the pit for any reason prior to or during the event unless it has registered with the back gate.


10) All drivers must be registered in order to compete and/or to be eligible to share in purse and point fund benefits. To register call the speedway office at 506 388-2415 or see the Register/Contacts page on this site to register online.


11 ) All personnel in the pits must have a pit pass and must wear it at all times. Drivers in all classes must wear fire proof gloves and shoes and must have either a fire proof suit or cotton clothing which has been treated with fire proofing liquid. 

12) Waste oil barrels are provided beside the Tech for proper disposal of used oil in the pit area. Any team that leaves oil in containers or is found to be dumping oil or any other hazardous material any place other than those marked barrels shall be fined. A second offense will result in suspension. Fines will be taken from the drivers purse and / or must be paid in full before any member of the team may compete or enter the pit area again.

13) The management may at any time require a physical examination or a doctors release before a driver is allowed to compete.

14) If medical staff determine that individual must go to the hospital that decision is final failure will result in a penalty.

15) All drivers must wear Snell or DOT approved safety helmets. No one is allowed to "warm up" or race without fireproof clothing and helmet.  Helmet must be securely fastened at all times, when on the race track.  For information on how to fireproof regular cotton clothing you may contact the speedway.

16) Any person in the Pit area who has evidence of substance abuse (alcohol or drugs) about him or is seen using any such substance during a race meet will be barred from the pit area and from participating in racing activities for a set period based on severity . Additionally, they shall forfeit the teams purse for the event.

17) Any person that gets into a fight at the track will be immediately suspended for the rest of the event. Any person deliberately going into another competitor's designated area in the pits in a violent or threatening manner will also be suspended for one or more events on independent confirmation of the fact..

Definition: A fight shall be defined as "throwing a punch" or "making any threatening physical contact" with another person. The management may also impose a fine on anyone who starts a "fight". Any member of a race team who exhibits the aforementioned behavior shall cause his team to forfeit its purse for the event and receive the minimum points for any remaining races in the event.

18) Any person considered causing a disturbance, whether verbal or physical, to disrupt the orderly conduct of racing events, will be removed from the pit for a minimum of the current event.

19) In the interests of ensuring quality family entertainment, any person using threatening, vulgar or abusive language and or gestures anywhere within the facility may be subject to a fine of up to $100 and/or a suspension of up to two race meets.

20) Owners and drivers are asked to stay with their cars in the pits, so that they can get their car to the starting line as soon as possible. In the interest of fan satisfaction with our event, when the victory lap is complete on the last race, the next group of cars will be released to the track immediately. Those cars not in position when the white flag is flown on the previous race will be required to start scratch. - the "White Flag" rule.

21) Drivers are the sole spokesman for a car/team. Owners, crew members, sponsors, spouses, or associates of a driver are asked to respect this regulation. Failure to do so may result in ejection from an event or suspension.

22) Drivers may not switch cars after a race has been started and any owner changing drivers during a race meet must notify the Pit Steward before the race in question. If this is not done prior to the running of the race, both the driver and the car shall forfeit purse, points, and position for the race in which the offense took place.

23) All cars must take the position in the lineup assigned to them. Drivers who jump positions or refuses or fails to lineup properly for any reason will be warned once and then will forfeit their purse and points for the event.

24) Any car not in the pit area at least one hour before the scheduled race start time and has not been thru the Technical Inspection process prior to the Drivers Meeting shall not be eligible to race for points or purse in the days event. They may compete for their own enjoyment and will begin all races on the day at the dead rear of the field.

25) No car will be allowed in more than one heat race under any circumstances, unless all unqualified cars have the same privilege.

26) Cars not involved in an accident in a qualifying race must start the feature with a full hood, fenders and grill.

27) Heat starting order will be determined by inverting the previous points event feature finish. Heat pairing will be adjusted based on talent in addition to points if necessary to ensure good competition. Trophy Dash order will be determined by inverting the bottom half of the points standings for the class.   

28) Feature starting order will be determined by inverting the average points per event attended.  In the case of a split feature in any class the 2nd leg of the feature will be determined by the inverting the 1st leg of the feature. The feature winning cars from the previous week will start behind the last point car competing in that race.  

29) Cars returning after missing a points event will start behind the above cars based on arrival order in the pits on race day.  

30) Cars in certain classes, as determined by the speedways shale be eligible to run a dash event for points and a trophy which will begin on the second weekend of points racing. Dash cars will be those who competed at the previous points event and are in the bottom half of the points eligible field.  

31) Rookie drivers with less than 3 race weekends of experience will start at the rear of the field.

32) Line-ups will be finalized 1 hour prior to race time.  Ex: For a 2 pm start = 1 pm.  Cars arriving in the pits after that time will start at the back of the line-up.

33) Any driver may decide to start at the back of the field at anytime by notifying the Pit Steward.

34) Any driver without previous experience may request track time in which to practice with a experienced driver and track official available to assist with understanding the rules and how to compete properly.

35) At the discretion of the management, drivers and/or cars may be placed in the lineup based on their history of finishes, point finishes and their general ability. The discretionary placement within the lineup will supersede a driver's car's scheduled lineup position that would be calculated based on retroactive lineup points as described in this rule book, above. This decision will be made based on the opinion and judgment of the management in the best interest of fair and entertaining competition for the entire race community.

36) In case of any "dead heats", the purses and points relative to their finishing positions will be pooled and divided equally between the two cars.  In a shootout, a tie will be broken by the best finish in the final leg unless stated otherwise.

37) Any incident not covered by the Rules and Regulations may be decided upon by the management. The decision will constitute the rule for the remainder of the season.

38) Any fines accumulated during a race season and not paid will be carried over to the following year and must be paid before entering the pits for the first time.

39) Concrete pads in the pit area are the parking positions for race cars only. Personal vehicles are not allowed to park on the pads during race meets. During special events, the speedway will not prevent visiting race teams and cars from parking on designated concrete pads and in some cases visiting classes (eg Pro Stocks) have first priority over our classes by contract. If your pad is in use when you arrive at the speedway during an invitational event it will remain in the possession of the visiting team for that meet -- please arrive early to prevent this if it is an issue. During some events the speedway may be required to reserve all pads for the visiting class (e.g.  MPST) as a part of it's contract. This will include any pads rented for weekly events. Pads will be assigned at the first points event of the season starting with the top class and working down to the lower classes, in order. Anyone wishing to have a pad must be in attendance during the first race event of the season. Those with pads rented the previous year and who remained in the points and are in good standing with the speedway will have the first right of refusal for their pads in the current year. Pads are the property of the Speedway and their use is a privilege, not a right. Pad rental for the season is FREE to those who arrive on the first day of racng. Pad rental after that point will be $100 for the remainder of the season, based on availability.

40) For the purpose of determining "Rookie" awards any driver entering another class with 3 or less races in that class will be considered a Divisional Rookie e.g. Sportsman Rookie. The speedway will also crown an Overall Rookie who will be the driver who has raced 3 or fewer events in any class at any venue and who accumulates the highest points on the season.


41) When a "caution" is triggered by an on track incident involving 2 two more cars, all cars directly involved in causing the caution will be sent to the rear of the field for the restart.  Those cars sent to the rear will maintain their order as they were before the caution.  ie.  The lead car will remain ahead of the next car etc., etc.   

42) A driver may compete in two divisions of racing on a given race meet not more than three times during the season.

43) In order to be eligible for any special incentive awards or race programs, a driver must have competed - or attempted to compete in all but 1 race meet to the seasons end.  This may include any special "series" that the speedway may be involved in with other racing facilities in the region.

44) Any competitor that takes a green flag in the feature will receive a guaranteed minimum payout unless otherwise stated prior to the race meet.

45) Any person or persons conducting him or herself in a manner considered by management detrimental to the development and promotion of the sport, the speedway, or the success of their fellow competitors, will be subject to a fine and / or suspension as determined by the speedway.

46) Any car from any race track (with proper adjustments) may be allowed to compete in any event at the discretion of the management and Tech Director.  Competitors are to contact the Tech for details of any required adjustments prior to the event they wish to attend, if you have any questions. 

47) Car Numbers must be a minimum of 18" high and 4" wide on both driver and passenger sides and roof and readable from the grandstands. Numbers must contrast with the car color. Any numbers deemed difficult to score will be asked to be rectified. Anyone requesting a number should call Tim at 388-2415 pr send in a Registration form including your preferred number.   Cars must be presentable and not have foul or suggestive language printed on them.

48) If the Race Director feels the track is unsafe, at any time, he may stop the race event.

49) Events will be considered complete if 50% or more of the total laps have been completed. The last green lap shall always determine finishing positions.

50) If an event must be stopped (ie. "red flagged") during the final lap of the competition, the race may be considered complete at the discretion of the management. The final finishing positions will be determined from the last green flag lap. Any cars that caused the stopping of the race, if applicable, will be scored in the last place finishing positions of the race.


51) Race events having completed less than 50% of scheduled laps when halted or postponed will be rescheduled. These events will resume with the original entries in the positions they held when the race was halted or postponed.


52) Any car spinning out by itself will go to the tail end of the line up for the restart. Cars purposely or intentionally accelerating during a spin out and endangering others in the process will be liable for a warning.


53) Any car which causes or is involved in three cautions in a single race may be sent to the pits for adjustments or for the remainder of all or part of the event.  Any car not in competition and considered hazardous to other competitors will be sent to the pits.  After making necessary repairs or adjustments so that car can keep up with the competition, the car may return to the race. No repairs can be made on the track at any time.


54) Any car making repairs or corrections on the track shall be penalized 1 lap and sent to the pits.


55) Cars that delay a realignment will be placed at the rear of the line up or sent to the pits.


56) Cars entering the track during the pace lap or a caution must fall in line at the rear of the line up. Cars failing to comply with this rule may be penalized one lap at the end of the race.


57) Any competitor pitting under the red or yellow flag must realign at the rear of the line-up, regardless of whether or not the field of re-alìgned cars has resumed moving under pace laps.

58) Rough riding, excessive track use, blocking, or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind is not permitted. Drivers and cars found guilty of these offenses shall be penalized.

59) Anyone purposely damaging a competitor's car on or off the track will be subject to disciplinary action as determined appropriate by the Race Director.

60) Disabled cars refusing to be towed from the track will be disqualified from the event and may also be suspended pending management review.

61) Technical inspectors may inspect all parts of any car as they see fit and at any time during an event.

62) Tech inspectors determine penalties for out of spec vehicles as they see appropriate.

63) Any car found to be out of spec will forfeit points and money. All parts found to be illegal will become the property of the Speedway.

64) The only 2 persons authorized to be present at teardowns and technical inspections are the car owner / driver, and one crew member unless otherwise authorized.

65) You must have your car inspected each week anytime before the pre-race drivers' meeting UNLESS this is your first time at the track. All cars at the track for the first time must go to tech for a safety inspection before entering the track surface. 

66) The Technical Inspector's decisions are final. 

67) Any car which spins another car on the checkered flag lap will be scored as finishing last. The car that was spun will be scored in the position it had at the time it was spun.

68) Points fund Competitors must leave the top 8" of the Window and the rear half of the bumper and front half of the doors open for class A contingency sponsors. Stickers will be provided by the speedway in the early season. All awards go to the drivers. This may include cash and product or product discounts for items such as parts, clothing, etc.

69) Unless otherwise stated in the drivers meeting the top 3 cars in each heat, and semi must tech at the end of their race. The top 3 competitors in each class and any feature leaders must go to tech for an inspection after the event is complete. In addition, any car which leads a lap in the feature must tech immediately after the races

70) Cars must make every attempt to take the green flag to receive points and money. 

71) *Deleted - No longer applies

72) For the purposes of the rules the word "stock" means as follows: Available on standard passenger car models, from the car manufacturer, installed per the manufacturer's specifications, without modifications or enhancements (visual or technical) unless otherwise stated in this rule book. All items not mentioned are "Stock". 

73) Cars that miss the feature due to a prior racing incident or mechanical difficulty on the day will receive last place points for the feature event. 

74) All Bando drivers competing in the first race of the year will receive free entry to all points events for the entire season in recognition of your support of our local racing. Drivers will continue to receive free entry for points events throughout the season as long as they do not miss an event.

75) Points events will consist of a Heat, Semi and Feature unless otherwise stated.  Points will be determined as follows:


Heats:     10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, on out

Semis:     10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, on out

Feature:   50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40 on out

Note:  In the event of a tie at the end of the season the points and or series winner will be awarded to the team / driver with the most wins.  

​76) Starting positions for the first event of the points season and any special or invitational events will have starting positions determined by a draw. This draw will take place during the drivers meeting.  During the season (after the first event) race position will be based on points in reverse order.  Heats, Semis and Feature.  The previous weeks winner shall start at the rear of the field for ALL races for the current week.

77) All of the above is subject to change without notice.

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