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The Race Director and Flagman shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Rules. If any driver disobeys any flag or ruling, he shall forfeit his guarantee and purse for the event.


The green flag shall start all races and means the track is clear. On the original line up, no passing will be allowed before cars pass the flag stand. Any car that sets out of line or jumps the flag by passing cars before reaching the flag stand on original starts or by passing before the green flag is thrown on restarts, shall be penalized two positions for each car passed. The penalty will be imposed at the next available realignment or at the conclusion of the race depending on the car's starting position at the time of the violation.


This flag, when given to a driver, must be obeyed immediately. The Starter will use this flag for disqualification or infraction of rules, and also for mechanical trouble that could make the car dangerous to its own driver or others. If the black flag is used the car being flagged must report to their pit for a consultation with the Pit Steward. The Pit Steward will notify the driver receiving a black flag of any disqualification.



The yellow flag means caution, the track is not clear. When the caution flag is displayed, drivers will have to slow down, fall into a single line, bumper to bumper, with no passing.


The red flag means danger and stop at once. When the red flag or red light is displayed, all cars must stop, regardless of position on the track, so that the track is clear for the ambulances and fire trucks.



The blue flag with a yellow stripe may be given to lapped cars. If this flag is pointed at you, move to the inside as soon as possible until the lapping car(s) have passed.



The black flag with the red circle in the middle is the meatball flag and may be given to any car which needs mechanical attention. If pointed at you, proceed to the garage area and repair the problem. Once repaired you may return to the track. Otherwise, you must remain in the garage.

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