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Participants who follow ALL Burnout Series Rules will be allowed additional Rounds and are eligible to compete during all Burnout Series events. Please see the Schedule of Events for a listing of all events.

Burnout Rounds will continue until all competitors have exhausted their tires the event has run a maximum of 3 Hours, whichever come first.

The Burnout Area is the front straight of the 3/8th mile oval between the pylons ONLY.  

Burnouts are to be only done on the track asphalt, not in the Pit / Garage area.

Burnouts Rounds are a maximum of 3 minutes, from Green Flag/Lights to Checkered/Red Lights. You must stop immediately on the Checkered/Red Lights

A vehicle that blows a tire must stop immediately or will be disqualified from further competition.

Vehicles doing a brake stand will be disqualified from additional rounds.

Burnout Series Street Drags Shediac Centre for Speed Motorsports Racing Entertainment Park
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