CENTRE for Speed - Entertainment Park

1157 Rte 133 Grand Barachois, NB - 4kms past Parlee Beach

(506) 388-2415 for more info or Email: gm@centreforspeed.com

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Enduro / VANduro Rules

Eligible Vehicles


Any front wheel drive, 4 Cylinder or 6 Cylinder, 2 or 4 door, naturally aspirated, car or mini van including model years 1977 to 2015 inclusive.


No models which might be considered high performance.


No Turbo or Supercharged models



$2000 to win

(+ Pays another $1000 to the rest of the Vans that finish in the top 10)


$1000 to win

(+ Pays another $500 to the rest of the cars that finish in the top 10)


More than 35 entries = more money for all top 10 positions.

Teams with a Co-Pilot will receive a $50 bonus for their finish position.  Co-pilot must be in the vehicle for all race segments to be eligible for the bonus.



Body / Frame / Engine


All flammable material should be removed from the vehicle prior to arrival at the speedway.

Cars prepared at the speedway will have a reduced purse.

All glass except the windshield must be removed prior to arrival at the speedway

All body panels must remain on the vehicle.

Exhaust must exit the vehicle.  It is your choice as to where.

The body may be modified to add to the visual appeal (ie Spoilers  / Horns / Themes / Flares / etc.)

Any DOT approved tire allowed (Tread wear rating must be greater than 300 and must be visible on the all tires)

All 4 tires on the vehicle must be the same size

Any 7” wide steel or aluminum rim from 13” to 17”

All glass except windshield must be removed with doors securely welded / tied / or bolted shut.

Must have a minimum 3 point passenger style seat belt. May upgrade to 4 point if desired (recommended).

May replace OEM hood / trunk latch with hood / trunk pins

Battery must be under hood and securely fastened.

All components must be stock OEM (original) issue.

One-inch (1”) lug nuts are mandatory on all wheels.

Doors must be welded, bolted or securely tied shut

Roll Cage

An “H”-bar style cage mounted to the frame rail or plated to the unibody and roof is required and must be installed just behind the drivers seat (for additional seat support). A horizontal bar ( I-I ) is required between the two uprights at the height of the dash. H bar cage must be plated to the floor and roof of the vehicle so as not to move on any impact.  


A 3/8” thick (or greater) steel plate,  18” inches (or more) in height must be welded or bolted securely to the body on the drivers and passengers side (if a co-pilot) so that half of the plate is above the top of the bumper and half is below.

Seat must be connected to roll cage and placed in the original factory seats location.  A minimum "3 point" seat belt is required for both driver and co-pilot.

Window opening must ensure that the driver / Co-pilot is able to easily exit the car through the window, under any circumstances.

Fire retardant gloves and socks are recommended.

A DOT or SNELL certified helmet (any year) is required.

Original rear view mirror (only) allowed, centered to windshield. All other mirrors must be removed.

All ANTIFREEZE MUST BE REMOVED and replaced with WATER ONLY.   Use of Antifreeze will mean forfiet of any purse winnings.

Violation of the rules will result in penalties and or disqualification at the discretion of the Tech Director including the loss of all purse money.

Pre Registered drivers will receive an additional discounted entry and their starting position based on your entry number sequence. Ie 1st to register starts on pole (1st place).