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Stock Car Rules



These cars are fun to drive and are inexpensive and easy to build and maintain. This is our least expensive racing division.


Eligible Cars include any front or rear wheel drive 2 or 4 door, GM, Dodge, Ford, or KIA, 4 Cylinder Sedan or Mini Van with a single cam engine of no more than 2.5 L in size. No turbo or supercharged engines - No trucks - No sports car models – No high performance parts . Stock for the year, make and model.


Must have working ODB2 diagnostic system and VIN number.


Car numbers must be requested from the Centre and must be no less than 18 inches in height and should be at least 4 inch thick. Numbers contrasting with the car colour is required in order to properly score your car. A white 10 inch high number is required in the upper passenger side corner of the windshield. Numbers may be neatly painted or made of vinyl.


All glass must be removed, except the windshield. All other body mouldings, plastic bumper covers, passenger and driver side mirrors, tail light, headlights, etc must be removed. Rear window brake light should remain and be working.


Muffler must be removed and stock diameter exhaust pipe must exit right side of the car behind the driver .


All doors must be welded or chained and bolted shut. Hood and rear deck lid must have pull pin fasteners, and must remain hinged to vehicle with original hinges. Latches may be removed.


A minimum 3/16th inch contoured or 1/4 inch non contoured steel plate must run from approx 6 inches in front of the drivers door to 6 inches behind the drivers door, at mid bumper height, and be securely bolted into the door frame with a minimum 3/8th inch carriage bolt. Plate must be at least 12 inches in height.


An optional “H” style roll bar may be installed directly behind the drivers seat and be “sandwich plated” to the floor and roof of the car with a minimum 6 inch by 6 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick steel plate welded to the top of each upright and then bolted together thru another 6 x 6 inch steel plate on the opposiite side of the roof and floor on each corner of the ends of the “H” bar. No exhaust piping allowed.

Cars may not be excessively rusted and must be presentable.

No foul language or negative themes (drugs, sex, violence, etc.) allowed on the car.

Cars must be complete when the race day begins.

Vehicle ride height must be at least 6 inches from the lowest point to the ground.

All installed pipes and bars must be properly welded all the way around at every joint.

Original bumpers and body panels for make and model year must remain in place. Plastic bumper covers must be removed. All hinges and bracing must remain.

Sunroofs must be removed and covered.

Original mirrors allowed except passenger side mirror must be removed.

A racing Seat is not required but may be installed if desired. If a racing seat is installed an “H Bar” style roll cage is required. All racing seats must be securely fastened to H Bar (if installed) and floor boards.

A minimum 3 point seat belt is required. A four point seat belt is recommended. A 5 point seat belt is allowed.

Passenger seat and rear seat must be completely removed.

Original dash must remain, as stock. All airbags must be removed.

All floor covering and insulation must be removed. Original floor boards and all frame work must remain. All floor holes and rust must be patched with sheet metal.


Batteries may be moved to the firewall but must remain under hood. Fuel tank must be in front of rear axle and under the car.


All antifreeze must be removed and replaced with water only.

Everything about the vehicle must remain stock for year, make, or model except what is in the rules above.

Right front wheel may have up to one inch of camber. No left front or rear wheel caster or camber permitted.

Tires must be DOT radials. Must be same size, series and numbers on all four wheel. Only 60 thru 75 series tires and no larger than P225, only. Must have a minimum tread wear rating of “250”, a Maximum traction rating of “A”. Markings must be readable on all tires at all times. Must be on stock steel wheels for the make and model of your car. All wheel weights must be removed.


Long sleeves shirts and pants of 100% cotton material are required to be worn at all times when racing. Clothing should be treated with fire retardant. Drivers suits and gloves are not required but are recommended.

DOT approved helmet required.


No additional weights may be added. Note: Minimum weights and percentages may be required to ensure fair competition at a later date.


Questions?: Call 506 388-2415