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Stock Cars / Trucks and Enduro Rules


The rules and/or specifications set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. By making application for a competitor permit, it is deemed that the competitor agrees to become familiar with these regulations and abide by the directions set forth and prescribed by Management. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of, or compliance with these rules and/or specifications. They are intended as a guide for conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.




  • Any part of the truck not specifically mentioned or covered in these rules must remain STOCK. Stock parts are those found in the OEM PARTS BOOK (original equipment manufacturer), not those found in high performance or off-road racing books.




Interpretation of these rules will be solely up to the judgment of the officials in charge of the area in question. The Track reserves the right to impound non-complying components with no compensation to the owner(s) Non-compliance with the specifications outlines herein may subject violating teams to disqualification, loss of points and moneys and or fine.


Street Truck Division

All trucks should be “stock” to year, make and model with no extensive modifications unless otherwise stated below.   Eligible trucks include any make 2 Wheel Drive, Six Cylinder 1/4 or 1/2 Ton Pick-up to a maximum engine displacement of 4.6 L up to and including 2005 model year.  All glass (except windshield), plastic, interior trim (Passenger seats, door coverings and hardware, carpet, etc.) must be removed. Air bags must be removed.  No gutting or lightening of any body components except as described.  Cab, firewall and cowl area must remain stock.  Pedal and Braking system components and location must remain stock and unaltered.  ABS must be disabled.  Hood and rad saddle remain stock in appearance and location.   Window and door mechanisms may be removed.  All bracing  (framework) must remain on hood, doors, tailgate.  Steering column can be modified to allow for a removable steering wheel but must otherwise remain stock.

All safety equipment must be inspected and approved by The CFS officials prior to the vehicle going on the racetrack. Safety specs for the Truck division may differ to standards at other tracks because of the CFS sizes.

A Four point safety belts are mandatory and must be anchored with gr. 8 hardware only. Belts must have been manufactured in the last 5 years and carry an SFI rating and pass with Tech. The CFS strongly recommends belts be within 3 years of manufacture date. Seat belts must be securely fastened to frame and in good repair with no physical or chemical damage (cuts, oil stains, sun damage, etc.)

Must have at least a 2 1/2 lb. fire extinguisher mounted in a secure bracket within driver’s reach (while seat belts fastened). Fire extinguisher must be serviced and inspected for the current year.

Fire suit and retardant gloves are recommended. Fire-retardant race shoe is also recommended. 100% fire treated cotton clothing is acceptable - NO nylon or other synthetics.

Fuel/Ignition “on/off” switch must be mounted in the center dash of the vehicle and clearly labelled FUEL ON and FUEL OFF in the appropriate directions so as when fuel switch is ON the toggle is in the UP position (towards the roof) and fuel OFF is in the DOWN position pointing (toward the floor) so that the engine can be easily turned off from outside of vehicle.

It is recommended to have a head and neck restraint system to enter the CFS surface. A Full face helmet is required. Snell SA(Special Applications) 2010 or greater is recommended.

A Roll cage is required for all trucks that do not have a minimum 4 out of 5 star roll over rating. Roll cage must be directly welded to the frame. All welds must be complete and gusseted. Tubing must be 1 3/4 “ x /095 thickness steel tubing. No offsetting of the cage.  Cage must extend to the passenger door.  No heat made or tube wrinkled bends. Cage must be 4 point frame mounted with 2 rear down tubes and 4 driver door bars and passenger side “X” support between the down tubing. Spaces between the door bars must be filled with 1/8” steel plate welded to the bars, top and bottom for the entire distance of the the cage. Trucks with a 4 or higher rollover rating my race with a

Driver seat must be securely fastened to the floor and may be replaced with a racing seat attached to the floor and / or roll cage with minimum 1/2" bolts.

Driver’s side window net is mandatory and must be good condition and in proper working order. Windshield may be OEM or minimum 1/8th inch Lexan

Truck box interior (bed) may not be removed and must have adequate body width support bars for fuel cell. Box may not be covered. Inner front and rear fender panels may be removed. Tailgate may have mechanism and closing hardware removed.  Must be welded shut.  May cover the OEM access panel with tin.

Front header panel, headlight and grill area can be fabricated (steel or aluminum) and should mimic OEM look. Stock front and rear bumpers must remain in stock location.  Steel/aluminum skirt extensions are allowed below factory body and must be no lower that 4” to the ground.

All trucks must be neatly painted and lettered; Driver’s name must be presented at top of front windshield (3” high). All Trucks must have numbers readable by the scorer tower in order to be scored.

An 6” rear spoiler made from 1/8” aluminum or lexan, with 4 x 1/4” tubing braces is allowed (no side pods). Spoiler may be no wider than the trucks tailgate. A front Spoiler is also allowed and should be made of a minimum 1/16 steel or aluminum and be a minimum of 4 inches to the ground and may be braced from the rear to avoid flex.

Battery may be moved from the stock location but must remain outside the drivers compartment and if not under the hood enclosed / covered / securely fastened down.

All brake components must be OEM including pads, calipers, and rotors.

Suspension points must be stock OEM for truck and model.   Spring pocket adjusters and shackles allow for adjustment purposes.

Stock OEM Steel shocks. Racing springs allowed.

Adjustable stock sway bar in the stock location allowed. 

May replace mechanical cooling system with electric fan(s).  Coolant must be water only, NO ANTI-FREEZE.

All components must be OEM stock unless otherwise stated in these rules. Welding or locking of rear gear is allowed (NO FINAL DRIVE).

All ECM’s must be readable and remain stock. No altering from Stock OEM.  A 1” thick driveshaft hoop is mandatory at the front and rear of the shaft so as to eliminate “pitch poling”.

Stock manifolds for the make and model being used.  May use single 2 1/2 inch exhaust with factor Y pipe.   Must exit the truck on the passenger side 12 inches in front of the rear wheel.

No modifications or alterations from factory specs for truck model being used except may be shortened to the minimum wheelbase for the make of truck and year. Shortening of frame / box must be done between the front of the box and the rear wheel openings. Box behind the cab must not be altered.  Wheelbase tolerance with camber is no more than 1.5 inch side to side (ie total).

Pump gas only (91 octane maximum). An approved racing fuel cell must be inside rear frame area and securely fastened and protected. Fuel Cap must be tethered to prevent loss.  Must run a Holley 4412 2 BBL Carb or Stock Throttle Body injection.

Rear view mirror and driver side mirror are permitted but must be not extend or protrude outside the vehicle. No Blocking or your mirror(s) may be removed by Tech for future racing.

A 1-way radio receiver (ie scanner) tuned to the track frequency ONLY is mandatory. No 2-way radios.

Stock steel 15 inch rim with a maximum 7 inch width (bead set to bead set) is allowed with reinforced center or 15 inch racing rim.   No offset allowed on 1/2 Ton models. 1/4 ton maximum offset is a maximum of 3 inches

Tire is any USED Hoosier 890 sportsman / street stock tire with no more than 4mm tread depth.  Tires may not be softened.  A minimum softness on the Techs Durometer is 60.  Decision fo the Tech is final.

Half Ton Trucks must weigh a minimum of 3200 lbs  before any race with driver in the seat.   No percentages will be in effect at this time.  

Tech staff reserves the right to modify or alter weights in the interest of fair competition.

Super Six (Ironman) Division

Any Stock OEM V6 front wheel drive, hard top car, Mini Van up to and including 2010 model years.  Allowed models include GM, Ford, Chrysler, andMazda.  Maximum engine size is 4.0 L

No limited edition, sports or other high performance models including turbo or superchargers. VIN must be in place and easily readable. Must have a working ODB / ODB II system if so equipped.  

Stock for the make model and year of the vehicle except may have a 6 inch high rear spoiler along the trunk line and extending no further than the edge of the trunk cover.

May have a front air dam no closer to the ground than 3” at the lowest point when full of fuel and with the driver in the car. Air Dam may run from front wheel well to front wheel well.

The lowest point on the chassis / unibody may be no less than 6 inches from the ground (except front air dam), including side skirts with driver in car.

All glass except windshield must be removed. Doors must be securely welded, bolted or tied shut.

Fireproof 100 % cotton clothing or coveralls required. Cotton Gloves recommended.

Metal patches must be of a Minimum 22 gauge tin (no other materials allowed).

All 4 brakes must work.

Battery may be moved to the right front firewall but must remain under the hood.

Hood and trunk latches must be removed and replaced with quick release hood pins for hood and trunk. Hood and trunk must remain hinged with original hinges.

Automatic transmissions only.

Tires may be no larger than a P225 x 70R 15, 16 or 17 on 8 inch wide (bead set to bead set) stock steel wheels with 1 inch lug nuts. Tread wear rating of no less than 250. Tire information must be clearly legible or the tire will be disallowed. Center of wheels may be reinforced. No air relief valves.

Must maintain stock camber and caster adjustments.

Open face helmet is allowed. Full face is recommended. Must be either DOT or SNELL certified.

Gas tank must be ahead of the rear wheels and in its stock position.

If using an open face helmet the center of the steering wheel must be padded.

Rear and passenger seats must be removed along with all other flammable materials.

Stock Dash must remain.

Rear view mirror allowed, centered to the windshield. All other mirrors must be removed.

Enduro Division

Any 4 or 6 cylinder hard top, 1/4 Ton or Mini Van (Front wheel drive). No sports cars. No turbo-charged or all-wheel drives.

Steel drivers door plate a minimum of 1/4 inch thick required. Plate may not extend more than 6 inches past the the driver door (in front or back).

H Bar roll bar allowed if desired.

All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.

All glass must be removed, except front windshield.

Minimum 3 point seat belt required.

Rear and passenger seats must be removed. Door panels may be removed. Dash must remain unaltered.

Stock passenger tires only. Minimum treadwear rating of 250. Traction rating of no more than single A.

No run flat tires.

Maximum 7” wheels (bead set to bead set)

No studded tires.

Everything must be Stock for the make model and year of the vehicle.

Battery must remain under the hood

Approved racing helmets required. Long-sleeved cotton shirt and pants or coveralls required.

Numbers will be assigned upon registration. Must be painted on at leaset 24 inches high on both doors and roof

pre-race tech inspection required. Cars may be handicapped at Tech's discretion.

Gas tank must remain in original position.

FOUR Fun ruled cars eligible to compete.

Maritime Sportsman Series

All Atlantic Canadian Sportsman Cars are eligible to compete under their regular Track or Series rules with the following adjustments / requirements

No Coil Binding or Bump Stops.

No Tire Softener.

Carb must be a stock 4412 Holley 2 BBL.

Car must weigh 2950 with the driver in position / full of fuel at the beginning of the race.  Cars running 1:1 (Direct Drive) add 50 lbs.

Maximum left side weight is 55% and Maximum Rear weight is 45%.


Four Fun Division

These cars are fun to drive and are inexpensive and easy to build and maintain. This is our least expensive racing division.

Eligible Cars include any front or rear wheel drive 2 or 4 door, GM, Dodge, Ford, or KIA, 4 Cylinder Sedan or Mini Van with a single cam engine of no more than 2.5 L in size. No turbo or supercharged engines - No trucks - No sports car models – No high performance parts . Stock for the year, make and model.

Must have working ODB / ODB2 diagnostic system and VIN number.

Car numbers must be requested from the Centre and must be no less than 18 inches in height and should be at least 4 inch thick. Numbers contrasting with the car colour is required in order to properly score your car. A white 10 inch high number is required in the upper passenger side corner of the windshield. Numbers may be neatly painted or made of vinyl.

All glass must be removed, except the windshield. All other body mouldings, plastic bumper covers, passenger and driver side mirrors, tail light, headlights, etc must be removed. Rear window brake light should remain and be working.

Muffler must be removed and stock diameter exhaust pipe must exit right side of the car behind the driver .

All doors must be welded or chained and bolted shut. Hood and rear deck lid must have pull pin fasteners, and must remain hinged to vehicle with original hinges. Latches may be removed.

A minimum 3/16th inch contoured or 1/4 inch non contoured steel plate must run from approx 6 inches in front of the drivers door to 6 inches behind the drivers door, at mid bumper height, and be securely bolted into the door frame with a minimum 3/8th inch carriage bolt. Plate must be at least 12 inches in height.

An optional “H” style roll bar may be installed directly behind the drivers seat and be “sandwich plated” to the floor and roof of the car with a minimum 6 inch by 6 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick steel plate welded to the top of each upright and then bolted together thru another 6 x 6 inch steel plate on the opposite side of the roof and floor on each corner of the ends of the “H” bar. No exhaust piping allowed. 

Note: Cars with less than a 4 Star Roll Over safety rating must have an H Bar system as defined above.

Cars may not be excessively rusted.

No foul language on the car.

Cars must be complete when the race day begins.

Stock ride height for the vehicle.  

Original bumpers and body panels for make and model year must remain in place. Plastic bumper covers may be removed if desired. If so, any styrofoam must be removed. All hinges and bracing must remain.

Sunroofs must be removed and covered with a minimum 22 gauge metal, securely fastened to the roof.

Original mirrors allowed except passenger side mirror must be removed.

A racing Seat is not required but may be installed if desired. If a racing seat is installed an “H Bar” style roll cage is required. All racing seats must be securely fastened to H Bar (if installed) and floor boards.

A minimum 3 point seat belt is required. A four point seat belt is recommended. A 5 point seat belt is allowed.

Passenger seat and rear seat must be completely removed.

Original dash and guages must remain, as stock. All airbags must be removed.  Radio and heater may be removed and openings must be covered.

All floor covering and insulation must be removed. Original floor boards and all frame work must remain. All floor holes and rust must be patched with sheet metal.

Batteries may be moved to the firewall but must remain under hood. Fuel tank must be in front of rear axle and under the car.

Antifreeze must be removed and replaced with water only.

Vehicle must remain stock for year, make, and model except what is stated in these rules.

Tires must be DOT radials. Must be same size, series and numbers on all four wheel. Only 60 thru 75 series tires and no larger than P225 allowed. 


Tires must have a minimum tread wear rating of “250”, a Maximum traction rating of “A”. Markings must be readable on all tires at all times. Must be on stock steel wheels for the make and model of your car.  All wheel weights must be removed.

Long sleeves shirts and pants or coveralls of 100% cotton material are required to be worn at all times when racing. Clothing should be treated with fire retardant. Drivers suits and gloves are not required but are recommended.

DOT approved helmet required.

No additional weights may be added. Note: Minimum weights and percentages may be required to ensure fair competition at a later date.

Questions?: Call 506 388-2415