CENTRE for Speed - Entertainment Park

1157 Rte 133 Grand Barachois, NB - 4kms past Parlee Beach

(506) 388-2415 for more info or Email: gm@centreforspeed.com

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Demolition and Full Contact Rules

Rules & Regulations

  1. Cars must arrive at least one hour before start time.  Unprepared ars will be refused or must pay an added $50 which will be refundable upon inspection of the speedway grounds.    

  2. Drivers who attend the full drivers meeting will be eligible for purse money.

  3. Minimum age for any competitor is 14. Waivers are required if a driver is under the age of 16.

  4. Demolition derby is a hazardous and high risk sport.  Anyone with a health condition or who is pregnant are ineligible to compete.  CFS is not responsible for any injuries sustained either by driver, pit crew or spectators.  It is your responsibility to carry your own insurance for this purpose.  

  5. CFS has a zero tolerance policy for the consumption of any alcohol or controlled substance by the driver or pit crews.  Any person found under the influence during the event will be disqualified.

  6. Any 2 Wheel Drive hardtop sedan or station wagon, subcompact to mid sized SUV's, mini van, and 1/4 ton may compete.  No Full Sized SUV's such as Tahoe, Explorer, Expedition, etc.   If in doubt call ahead.

  7. Before you arrive at the CFS you must remove;

    • All glass (except windshield), mirrors, side windows, head and tail lights (rolling down window not permitted).

    • Chrome moulding strips, carpet, and rear seat must be removed.

    • Other interior seats and trim may be removed if desired.

  8. If removing glass or other materials on site MUST do done on the Pad attached to the Tech Shed.  All material must be placed in the cans provided. If not you will forfeit your $50 deposit. 

  9. No special bumpers, reinforcements, fabrications, trailer hitches or other permitted.

  10. A steel 1/4 inch steel plate is recommended on your drivers door.

  11. Doors must be welded, bolted, or securely tied shut (seatbelt strips work well) for your safety.

  12. Battery may be moved but must be securely fastened and covered (if inside the vehicle).

  13. Stock gas tanks must remain in their stock location ahead of the rear axle. 

  14. Must have a number on both front doors, Roof, and upper passenger side of the windshield.  Register in advance to ensure your number is reserved.

  15. Vehicles must be clean of debris. No tires, wheels, metal parts, glass, etc., is allowed in the car. 

  16. Your parts must be removed with your vehicle at the end of the event.

  17. No intentional hitting on the drivers door.  

  18. Only automotive type tires are permitted. No studs, snow treads, or cut tires.

  19. A Driver's safety belt (Minimum 3 point) and DOT approved helmet are required.

  20. Fire retardant cotton socks, gloves, long sleeves, coveralls recommended.

  21. Brakes must work.

  22. Racing in the pits at any time will mean loss of purse or a a fine.  

  23. Your Vehicle will be disqualified with no purse / pay if the driver’s door comes open during or if you leave your vehicle while the event is under a Green Flag.

  24. A 30 second "hit time limit" will be monitored by the event officials.  You must make contact a minimum of every 30 seconds in the demoltion.

  25. Qualifiers for the demo are CONTACT events.  You must make contact to qualify unless otherwise stated in the drivers meeting.

  26. You must complete at least 75% of any qualifier in order to count towards demo qualification.

  27. Decisions of the RACE OFFICIALS are final.

  28. All Competitors must register.  Click Here