CENTRE for Speed - Entertainment Park

1157 Rte 133 Grand Barachois, NB

(506) 388-2415 for more info or Email: gm@centreforspeed.com

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Motor sports, Music, and More

Burnout Rules


Participants who follow all event rules will be allowed to do additional burnout rounds.

Burnout Rounds will continue until all competitors have exhausted their tires the event has run a maximum of 4 Hours, whichever come first.

Burnout Rules:

The Burnout Area is the front straight of the 3/8th mile oval.

Burnouts are to be only done on the track asphalt, not in the Pit / Garage area.


Burnouts are timed to a maximum of 3 minutes. 


Points are also deducted each time your car leaves the asphalt surface during your time or if you exceed the time limit.


All points are deducted when you fail to stop your burnout after blowing a tire or do not continue to move your vehicle (brake stand).

There is a $10 entry fee per vehicle to register to compete in the burnout competition.  


Food stalls, coffee, ice cream, etc will be available on site.