Welcome to the 21st Annual Atlantic Stock Car Championships


Atlantic Canada's Original Post Season Race


Atl Stock Car Championships 2020


Racings Year End Celebration


Race Day Procedure


Drivers may practice before Teching as long as they have raced in the same car at any |Atlantic Canadian race track prior to this event.


Sportsman and Pro Stocks must bring their race day tires to Tech for inspection along with the car.


Street Stock, Sportsman and Pro Stock tires will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the Tech inspectors. Tires will be marked for race day use and must be the only tires used once heat racing begins.


Drivers/Teams will draw for position in the Drivers Meeting


All qualifying will be by heat race in all divisions.


All qualifying heat positions must proceed to Tech directly from qualifying.


A coin toss may be used to invert the field for the feature race in any division. The Poll Sitter will call the toss (ie Heads or Tails) and the field will be inverted or not based on outcome. Inversion may apply to up to the top half of the feature positions.


A Poll Challenge may also be offered at the option of the Tower. It will be optional to accept or decline.


For the full CFS Procedural rules see the appropriate page in this section.


All cars must register by Sept 25th to be eligible for the full posted purses.

Division Rules



Beginner and Outlaw


All Bando's race per your Sanctioned Rules




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All NAPA / SSW / S660 / PIR / EIS and LDS Sportsman are eligible to compete under your current Track / Series rules. The following adjustments apply:




Base weight for all cars is 3000 lbs however:


- Any car running a Holley 4412 500 CFM Carb may deduct 50 lbs


- Any car running a stock charging, system (OEM) a stock exhaust manifolds (OEM), or a stock cooling system (OEM) may deduct 50 lbs (Total)


- Any car may be required by Tech to re-fill their fuel cell and be re-weighed after any race


- Cars running 1:1 ratio must add 50 lbs


Maximum rear weight is 45%


Maximum Left side weight is 55% however:


Any cars running a stock charging system (Stock driven Alternator in the stock location, a stock manifold system and a stock cooling system may  run a maximum 56% left side weight.


All weights and %'s are full of fuel, driver in position


Tech staff have the right to make adjustments or further define the weight rule at any time in the interest of fair competition.


Rear End


Max 550 Gear allowed.




New tires must be purchased from CFS.


Steel 10” wheels (bead set to bead set) only.


Minimum allowed Durometer reading for Sportsman Tires is >= 52


If you wish to have new tires please contact CFS prior to Sept 21st.




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Street Stocks / Trucks / Dukes


All Atl Canadian based Street Stocks / Trucks / Dukes are eligible to compete under their Track / Series rules with the following adjustments:




All Stock Cars and 350 ci Trucks may run either:


Min weight of 3400 with 53% max left side and 45% max rear




Min weight of 3500 with 56% max left side and 48% max rear


All 305 and similar ci Trucks and Dukes may run:


Min weight of 3250 with 56% max left side and 48% max rear


Rear End


Max 575 Final Drive.


May be locked




Hoosier 890 or any used passenger car tire up to a P225 60 R 16 with no more than 6/32 tread depth and a tread wear rating of not less than 340.

​Minimum tire softness on the CFS Durometer >= 50


If you wish to have new tires please contact CFS prior to Sept 21st.




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4 Cyls


All 4 Fun, Fan 4's, PEI Mini STOCK, Lightning and 4 Cyl Bombers and Smilar


All Atl Canadian based cars are eligible to compete under your current Track rules.


The following rules apply to all competing cars: 


Tires must be DOT rated with rating clearly visible


A minimum tread wear rating of 250 or higher is required and must be readable on all tires.


All tire sizes must be readable.


All tires and wheels on the vehicle must be the same size


No racing wheels allowed.




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Mini Stock / Outlaw / Thunder and Similar


All Atlantic Canadian based cars are eligible to compete under current Track rules with the following adjustments as applicable:


No racing rims.


No Legend Tires.


No tire staggering.


Non Hondas may run a traditional type rear spoiler up to 5 inches in height across the rear deck. Spoiler must stop at the trunk / hatch lid seams and not continue over the rear quarter panels.


The top 4 Cyls who competed on Saturday may compete in this division on Sunday. Must run your championships rules package.




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Pro Stock (SLM)


All Atlantic Canadian ruled cars may compete with the following adjustments:




Base weight 2750


Max Left side % 58


Weight and %'s are full of fuel, driver in position




Any car may run F'ton shock rule


Cars running MPST shocks may deduct 50 lbs


Speedway reserves the right to swap / inspect ignitions prior to and after the event


Rear End


Max 588 Gear allowed.


Lockers allowed.


No Locker may deduct 25 lbs




Up to a maximum of 4 New and 4 Used (spare) tires may be registered to your car for the race day. Cars MUST use only your new tires once practice is complete and for the remainder of the race day unless you have a verified flat tire. All used tires must be taken to the tech shed with your car at the beginning of the day. Used tires must be off your car and broken down for your first tech inspection. Tires must have all numbers readable. Eligible race tires will be approved, recorded to the car and marked as race day tires at that time.


Upon registration and payment of the $100 Registration fee 4 New Tires will be provided to each car. The remaining cost of the tires will be deducted from your purse. Cars that receive new tires and fail to race must pay the balance of the cost of the tires to the speedway.


Teams may provide 4 Used tires to be used as spares in the evnet of a verified tire failure. A Used Tire = No more than 5/32's of tread depth and has no softener / softening. A Used tire is one that has been run at least 100 laps. Tech may reject ANY tire that they feel has not been run for a minimum of 100 laps or does not meet the definition of a used tire.


No tire softener is allowed


The minimum softness for any race eligible tire is 52 as measured on the CFS Durometer. Tires not meeting the minimum durometer rule AT ANY TEMPERATURE will result in disqualification.

Tires may not be transferred among teams

Teams may practice with unregistered (non race) tires.

New Tires must be CFS Supplied HOOSIER 1070/1080. You must register and pay your tire deposit by Sept 21st to ensure you will have Race tires for the event.

Race frequency TBA. Teams must monitor the Race Directors Frequency at all times.



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All PS cars must register and etransfer a $100 tire deposit to gm@centreforspeed.com by Sept 21. Please include your name and car number in the message section.

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